Patient involvement in shaping the practice processes is accomplished by surveying and soliciting patient opinions and suggestions of key opinion leaders.

"Dr. Gibbons and his staff are absolutely amazing. This is truly their passion, everything is streamlined with white-glove service. Best of all, they are open on Saturdays with five-star service. This place provides a unique, modern dental spa experience with professional-quality treatment integrated with health care, this is their competitive advantage that sets this practice apart. This is NOT A CHAIN that performs unnecessary work. The practice sets the bar for innovation, I absolutely love it here." - Rea

"Dr. Gibbons is a great dentist. Beautiful new office and friendly staff!" - Jay

"If you are looking for a dentist that gets the job done quickly, gently, with a no-nonsense attitude, Harmoni Complete Care is where you want to be. They won’t waste your time and you will leave happy.

Dr. Gibbons and his stellar assistants laid all the options out on the table, let me know what to expect, and followed through with what we discussed. All in all, I can say they are definitely on point and I appreciate the positive experience I had today.

An added bonus: The office is clean, (follows COVID protocols) quiet, with minimalist style and outstanding artwork. If the office were any nicer I’d confuse it for an art gallery. Thank you so much, Doc!" Piatra

"The office is what everyone should expect to experience from their dentist's office. From its reception/waiting area and throughout it is beautiful, calm, clean, and very modern. The front desk assistants are amazing in their multi-task duties. Their promptness and attention to your dental care will leave you knowing that things could not have been any better. Dr.Gibbons is absolutely the best! His gentleness and knowledge in his oral care practice come highly recommended. Dr. Gibbons truly knows how to take good care of his patients." Sharon